5 Creative Ways to Eat Avocado

5 Creative Ways to Eat Avocado | Naturepedic Blog

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While spreading smashed avocado on a piece of your favorite toast and making homemade guacamole are two delicious ways to eat this trendy fruit—why stop there!? We've got some quick recipes for avocado that will put a spin on the normal eating methods.

Avocados are an incredibly versatile fruit (that’s right, they’re not actually veggies)! Eating just one ounce (28 grams) provides a winning combination of healthy protein, fiber, and fats. Plus, studies have found that eating avocados can help with weight control and heart health.

This nutritiously green fruit can be eaten in plenty of fun, creative ways.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to eat avocado:

1. Seasoned

The simplest way to eat an avocado is with a little salt and pepper! You can also season them with spices like cayenne pepper and turmeric or with dressings like balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

2. Grilled

If you’re having a summer BBQ, grilling avocados can make a great side dish. After cutting one in half, drizzle it with olive oil and place it face-down on your grill. In two or three minutes, you’ll have a deliciously grilled fruit to go with your other veggies!

3. Fried

Who said avocados can’t be a substitute for french fries!? Slice a few avocados into strips, bake them in the oven (or deep-fry them for a less-healthy but tasty option) and voila! You can enjoy your avo fries with dipping sauces like ranch, aioli, or mustard.

4. As Hummus

Next time you blend together your favorite hummus recipe with olive oil, chickpeas, and tahini, add a little avocado to the mix! You’ll not only get a fun green color out of it, but your hummus will have extra fiber, healthy fat, and creaminess.

5. As Ice Cream

Another great plus to avocado is its texture, which can easily be churned into desserts like mousse or ice cream. Combining avocado, milk (or a non-dairy alternative), and honey or sugar can make a delicious, ice-cream like dessert!

Since avocados are ripe with nutrients and can benefit your health in numerous says, why not get a little creative with this versatile fruit!? They’re surprisingly easy to add to many of your favorite daily recipes, so give one of these five ways a try!

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