Restorative Sleep: Why It Matters & How to Achieve It

By getting deep, restorative sleep, you can ensure that your brain and body systems are able to repair, heal, and grow each night.

3 day ago

Sleep & Inflammation: What You Need to Know

By understanding the link between inflammation and sleep, you can avoid tissue-damaging inflammation in the body and focus on restorative rest instead.

8 day ago

5 Ways to Cook with Pumpkin Seeds This Fall

On National Pumpkin Seed Day, get inspired to use all of those leftover seeds that come spilling out of your jack-o-lanterns in these 5 creatively delicious ways.

16 day ago

The Direct Link Between Sleep and Stress

Getting a good night’s rest is closely intertwined with the amount of stress you feel. With these strategies, you can alleviate stress at night and improve your overall sleep quality.

17 day ago

Flourless Almond Butter Chocolate Chippers Recipe

On National Homemade Cookie Day, we wanted to share one of the best alternative recipes for homemade #cookies that you can actually feel good about eating! 


22 day ago

Why Is The Naturepedic Crib Mattress So Great?

Your baby’s well-being is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve made sure that our crib mattresses have become the standard for safer, healthier organic mattresses—and here’s how.

28 day ago

Does Your Mattress Contain These Toxic Materials?

If you’ve never thought about the make-up of your mattress, you’re probably sleeping on some combination of these 4 toxic materials every night. Here’s why you should avoid them.

1 month ago

Our Favorite Organic-Focused Recipes

We love working with dietitians and nutrition professionals to bring you some great recipes! Here are some of our favorites!

1 month ago

5 Toxic Chemicals Being Used In Baby Products: A Pregnant Woman's Guide

As a parent, your safest bet is to stick with natural, certified organic baby products. But you should also be aware of some of the biggest toxic offenders out there, including these 5 chemicals.

1 month ago


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