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naturally waterproof

The Naturepedic 2-in-1 organic kids mattress features a patented food-grade waterproof side made from non-GMO sugarcane. Training toddlers can be a real challenge and a waterproof surface is an excellent line of defense to prevent urine, spit-up and other messes from penetrating inside the mattress. Once training is complete, simply flip over the mattress to take full advantage of the luxurios quilted side.

Organic cotton fabric swatch with waterproof coatingOrganic cotton fabric swatch with waterproof coating

organic cotton fabric, waterproofed!

We start with a certified organic cotton fabric, then melt a clear food-grade waterproof coating on top. The coating is embossed with a unique micro-pattern for a luxurious finish. No glues or adhesives are used in the process whatsoever. The resulting fabric is impenetrable to all types of fluids and messes for total protection. The waterproof surface is so pure, it actually meets food contact standards.

don't let a simple accident ruin your day

Close-up of wiping mattress surface clean with paper towelClose-up of wiping mattress surface clean with paper towel

easily wipes clean

Keeping your child's mattress clean and hygienic shouldn't be hard work. While mattress pads are always a good idea, there are times when they're soiled, in the wash or just not available. In these cases, you can always put your kid back to sleep without worry.

The waterproof side wipes clean with a wet cloth or paper towel. We recommend a mild soap or some hydrogen peroxide to help sanitize the surface. With the Naturepedic 2-in-1 organic kids mattress , you get that extra level of protection.

made from non-GMO sugarcane

Using the latest green technology, Naturepedic has found a way to make its waterproof surface out of sugarcane. Through a unique process, the sugars are naturally fermentated by various yeasts into ethanol, which is then used to create a recyclable LDPE bioplastic that's flexible and fully waterproof. Naturepedic goes out of its way to ensure that the sugarcane is non-GMO.

Pieces of raw sugar canePieces of raw sugar cane