Everyone's body is unique, making comfort highly subjective. When it comes to mattresses, we understand that there's really no such thing as one-size-fits-all. While we offer universal comfort options like the Chorus and Serenade, our EOS and Halcyon beds are designed for customization so you and your sleep partner can get the personal attention you deserve from your mattress. After all, a good night's sleep is just too important for compromise.

eliminating risk

With our unique modular approach to mattress design, you can swap out layers at anytime to change the way your bed feels. You can even change your mind years later! Additionally, you can split the bed internally to accomodate separate comfort levels for you and your sleep partner. This flexibility eliminates the comfort risk associated with buying a new mattress. If you discover that you need a different level of support for example, you can easily swap out your configuration for something softer or firmer until you get things just right. 


In addition to our standard 100-night free trial, you can swap any EOS layer within those 100 nights for FREE!  Simply purchase your new layers and return your original layers using a prepaid return label. You will then be refunded the full amount of the new layers!

* Applies only to orders where the original mattress was purchased from Products purchased from other retailers follow the policies of those retailers and may involve a fee.

Woman sitting on EOS holding a drink and looking out the windowWoman sitting on EOS holding a drink and looking out the window

it's nice to have options

When selecting your mattress, we recommend choosing based on comfort preference and NOT individual layers. However, there are many options for tweaking your mattress post-purchase if necessary. The combinations largely depend on the model you choose. See the table below for a review of the layers available for each EOS model. 

EOS Classic Organic MattressEOS Classic Organic Mattress

eos classic

extra-firm to plush

Top:  3" Organic Latex or Microcoils

Bottom:  8" Encased Coils

EOS Pillowtop Organic MattressEOS Pillowtop Organic Mattress

eos pillowtop

firm to ultra-plush

Top:  3" Organic Latex or Microcoils

Middle:  3" Organic Latex or Microcoils

Bottom:  8" Encased Coils


EOS Trilux Organic MattressEOS Trilux Organic Mattress

eos trilux

extra-firm to plush

Top:  3" Organic Latex

Middle:  3" Organic Latex

Bottom:  3" Organic Latex

Quilt top pulled back from mattress corner showing latex comfort layerQuilt top pulled back from mattress corner showing latex comfort layer

3" layer options - comfort/support

Organic latex - soft

Organic latex - medium

Organic latex - firm

Microcoils - soft

Microcoils - medium

8" layer options - support

Encased coils - plush

Encased coils - firm

Encased coils - extra-firm (special order)


Unzipped organic cotton encasement showing encased coilsUnzipped organic cotton encasement showing encased coils