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Organic Comfort

Nothing beats mother nature

EOS Organic Latex Mattresses

Interchangeable Layers Put You In Control

Welcome to EOS (Ergonomic Organic Sleep), the most comfortable and customizable organic mattress ever made. Offering unrivaled postural support, all of our EOS mattresses are made to naturally contour your body for your comfiest, most restful night's sleep.

EOS Classic MattressEOS Classic Mattress


Available from extra-firm to plush.

3" organic latex, 8" encased coils

12" profile with one zippered compartment

Also available in latex-free and vegan

QUEEN $3,499QUEEN $4,899 CAD

EOS Pillowtop Organic MattressEOS Pillowtop Organic Mattress

pillow top

Available from firm to ultra-plush.

6" organic latex, 8" encased coils

15" profile with two zippered compartments

Also available in latex-free

QUEEN $4,799QUEEN $6,719 CAD

EOS Trilux Organic MattressEOS Trilux Organic Mattress


Available from extra-firm to plush.

9" organic latex, no coils

10" profile with one zippered compartment


QUEEN $3,999QUEEN $5,599 CAD



In addition to our standard 100-night free trial, you can swap any EOS layer within those 100 nights for FREE!  Simply purchase your new layers and return your original layers using a prepaid return label. You will then be refunded the full amount of the new layers!

* Applies only to orders where the original mattress was purchased from Products purchased from other retailers follow the policies of those retailers and may involve a fee.

Woman sitting on EOS holding a drink and looking out the windowWoman sitting on EOS holding a drink and looking out the window