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Here’s How Mattresses Can Affect Indoor Air Quality

The truth is, that ‘new mattress smell’ is actually toxic chemicals being released into the air in your bedroom. By considering the possible impacts to our air quality, we can mitigate the risk VOCs pose to our health.

3 months ago

Why are Phthalates Bad? Understanding the Danger of Phthalates in How Mattresses are Made

Unfortunately, for the conscious parent, phthalates are hidden chemicals lurking in several consumer products, which not only post a threat to their health, but their overall development.

5 months ago

Are Organic Mattresses Worth The Money?

What are the main differences between conventional and organic mattresses, and is it really worth the price jump? Here are the health impacts you need to know about.

4 years ago

The Truth About Soybean Foam

Soybean foam mattresses have risen in popularity as clean living becomes more mainstream, but are they safe for you to sleep on each night? (Hint: They aren’t made from primarily soybeans...)

7 years ago

Posts tagged 'safe sleep'