How to Find a Customizable Mattress

naturepedic eos customizable organic mattress

When it comes to making mattresses, most manufacturers design them in a way that leads to easy construction on an assembly line. This means their comfort levels are designed with the general population in mind, rather than customizing each mattress to match an individual’s needs.

Of course, there are standards of comfort that are relatively universal; we all want to sleep on a bed that’s cozy and supportive of a good night’s rest. 

But, in reality, every person’s bodies, sleep patterns, and comfort needs are vastly differentmeaning one size doesn’t (and shouldn’t) fit all.

In the same way that new cars are often made with individual temperature settings for each passenger, mattresses should also be customizable to each person’s comfort levels, physical needs, and temperature patterns. 

So, how do you find a customizable mattress that works best for your individual sleep needs?

Since comfort is highly subjective, Naturepedic has developed two options for customizable mattresses: our EOS and Halcyon lines. 

Compared to other customizable mattresses, our EOS and Halcyon beds go above and beyond in terms of personalization.

Not only can you swap out the mattress’ layers until you find your ideal level of support, but you can also split the bed’s layers in two internally to accommodate separate comfort levels for you and your sleep partner.

This eliminates the comfort risk that’s usually associated with buying a conventional mattress, as you don’t have to worry about getting the mattress home and finding out after several weeks of sleeping on it that it doesn’t feel right. 

With Naturepedic, our unique layer swap program allows you to tweak the make-up of your mattress until it’s just right and try out different layers. (Learn more about our layer swap program here.) 

The program also gives sleepers the option of purchasing a new layer years down the line as your comfort needs shift and evolve. After all, the level of support you need from your mattress today will almost certainly change in five or 10 years from now.

The ultimate customizable (and sustainable!) mattresses

After selecting one of our customizable mattresses, you can rest assured that your decision is a more sustainable option too. 

Did you know that 20 million mattresses are dumped into landfills every year in America? As the available mattress options continue to evolve and companies offer even longer trial periods, consumers are getting rid of more mattresses than ever before. 

"The race to bring consumers better beds has created a recycling nightmare," The Guardian reports, which means that very few companies are responsibly recycling mattresses.

By making it easy to swap out your mattress layers over time, customers can simply replace them when they get old instead of buying an entirely new bed and contributing to the mattress landfill crisis.

By rejecting the concept of “one-size-fits-all,” Naturepedic’s mattresses provide truly personalized sleep. To learn more about the layers you can choose between, check out this blog on customizing your mattress comfort