Certifications, Awards & Advocacy

The following organizations have recognized Naturepedic for its efforts in using healthier materials in its certified organic mattresses and bedding, its sustainable business practices and its focus on renewable energy and resources. While these companies have not formally evaluated or certified Naturepedic or its products, they stand with us in our desire for a better planet.

AllergyKids Foundation

AllergyKids Foundation's goal is to protect American families from allergenic substances through education and recommendations of manufacturers that provide hypoallergenic products without common allergens. AllergyKids Foundation recommends our non-toxic organic mattresses and bedding designed without latex for babies and children.

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Healthy Child Healthy World Partner

Naturepedic is a Healthy Child Healthy World partner and is recognized for its high standards. Naturepedic offers superior organic kids' bedding and mattress products that meet the HCHW's Quality Standards in the children's mattress and bedding category.

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Kids for Saving Earth

Kids for Saving Earth educates and inspires children through teachers and parents. Since 1989, KSE has provided the “Education into Action” curriculum to thousands. KSE gave their A+ Seal of Approval to Naturepedic's organic mattresses and bedding for kids.

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The Ecology Center

The Ecology Center educates consumers and pushes corporations to make safer and healthier products. The Ecology Center recommends Naturepedic's non-toxic, organic mattresses and bedding.

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Environmental Working Group

EWG is dedicated to health and the environment. EWG has conducted groundbreaking research on toxins. Naturepedic has won the 2016 EWG Hero award in recognition of its work leading the movement of children's environmental health in the private sector.

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American Sustainable Business Council

ASBC endorses Naturepedic for its dedication towards a non-toxic and sustainable future through advocacy and sustainably sourced and healthier organic mattresses. ASBC advocates for stewardship, judicious use of resources, reinvestment, and attention to sustainability through the full product lifecycle.

“Naturepedic has been with us for years now, speaking out on chemicals policy. They were one of the business leaders that helped us get the reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act.”
- David Levine, CEO

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Zero Toxics

Debra Lynn Dadd wrote the first book on toxic chemicals in consumer products in 1984 and has been educating the public about toxins ever since. She has created the Zero Toxics Product Registry as a place where makers of products can disclosure their materials in a standard format, and buyers of products who want this information can easily find and understand it.

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Beth Greer - The Supernatural Mom

Beth Greer, aka The Super Natural Mom®, is an award-winning journalist, environmental toxicity expert, healthy home coach and impassioned champion of toxin-free living. Her best-selling book "Super Natural Home,” a Books for a Better Life Award Finalist, is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, Peter Coyote, Dr. Joseph Mercola.

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Environmental Media Association

EMA is dedicated to educating the public on environmental issues and motivating them to take action through television, film and music. EMA has recognized Naturepedic for its commitment to healthier living through certified organic mattresses and bedding.

“Naturepedic is a company that makes mattresses and takes so much care in making sure that everything is organic, and everything is completely clean for your family.” - Debbie Levin, Pres. and CEO

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Clean Production Action

Clean Production Action promotes a sustainable world through environmentally friendly products and recommends Naturepedic for our commitment to safer materials and standards that ensure organic compliance.

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Sustainable Furnishings Council

SFC focuses on promoting sustainable practices, and has given Naturepedic a Gold rating for best practice achievements including use of sustainable materials.

“Naturepedic is a wonderful company, making the most comfortable mattresses of the most healthful materials, and providing good wages and working conditions to the hands who put them all together - those are all ingredients that contribute to a good night's sleep!”
- Susan Inglis, Executive Director/Green AP

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BlueCure Foundation

Blue Cure Foundation is dedicated to providing information on cancer prevention and treatment. Blue Cure has reviewed the Naturepedic facility and the materials used, and it recommends Naturepedic's organic mattresses and bedding.

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Disclaimer: Naturepedic carries many certifications, awards, approvals, and recommendations. Naturepedic also belongs to various professional associations and participates in various environmental and sustainability advocacy initiatives. Naturepedic financially supports some of these organizations that share its mission of improving health and safety. Some of these organizations provide endorsements and certification programs in their operations, and some charge fees for their work in reviewing and evaluating products in connection with those programs. Some charge a licensing fee for use of their trademarks and service marks. Naturepedic has paid any applicable fees.

Naturepedic makes no "general" or "unqualified" environmental claims regarding any of its products, and attempts to meet and exceed all the standards in the FTC Green Guides. Not all Naturepedic certifications, awards, approvals, and recommendations apply to all Naturepedic products. Naturepedic does not display or otherwise use any logos which do not directly apply to Naturepedic. Naturepedic makes no medical claims regarding any of its products. For more information, please contact Naturepedic Customer Service: cs@naturepedic.com or 1-800-917-3342.

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