Naturepedic Affiliate Program

Naturepedic Affiliate Program
  • We Need Trusted Partners

    Naturepedic is seeking trustworthy affiliates to share in our mission to promote sleep safety for babies, kids, and adults. We believe in Safe Healthy Sleep™ and fewer chemicals in consumer products and our environment.

    Examples of companies and websites that would make ideal Naturepedic affiliates include proponents of:
       • Organic products
       • Environmentalism
       • An Earth-friendly lifestyle
       • Health and safety
       • Family and baby products
       • Reducing toxins and toxicity
       • Air quality and purity of environment
       • Sustainability

  • A Business Partnership

    Make money by doing what you do best: sharing your recommendations for healthy products with your audience.

    Our affiliate program allows you to earn a referral bonus for sharing our products on your website. You will simply link to the Naturepedic website within a blog post, banner advertisement, or other text link within your website. If your reader visits Naturepedic and makes a qualified purchase, you will receive a commission from that sale.

    Naturepedic affiliates earn a commission on all goods purchased by visitors who are referred through your unique affiliate link.

  • Nuts and Bolts

    The Naturepedic affiliate program is currently facilitated by Rakuten Linkshare. As an affiliate, you don’t need to worry about sales tools like credit or debit card processing, shipping, or customer service for the Naturepedic products your customers and readers purchase. We take care of that while you simply write about the products you love!

    Your investment in the affiliate program is the time it takes to write a product review, news feature, blog post, or advertisement on your website using our Naturepedic Rakuten Linkshare links to refer customers to

Join Now

Sign up

Signup is simple when you follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Rakuten Linkshare to sign up for a FREE account at
  2. Once you are accepted into the Rakuten Linkshare Publisher Network, apply to the Naturepedic affiliate program
  3. We will review your website and you will receive an email confirmation of your application status
  4. After you are approved for the Naturepedic affiliate program, we will supply you with a unique referral code to use on your website.


We’ve got answers. Contact us at if you have additional questions about joining our affiliate program.


Why should I become a Naturepedic affiliate/publisher?
Naturepedic affiliates are people who care about health and safety in the home environment. They believe in our mission of Safe Healthy Sleep™ and enjoy using their voice to promote safer, organic mattresses and accessories. You should become a Naturepedic affiliate if you believe in this mission and want to share it with your audience.

Does it cost anything to sign up as an affiliate?
No, there is no cost or fee to sign up as a Naturepedic affiliate member. All you have to do is enroll for a free account with Rakuten Linkshare Network and apply to join our program pending a review of your website.

How much money do affiliates make?
Naturepedic affiliate members make a commission on any retail purchases that result from their affiliate link to the Naturepedic website. The percentage varies by SKU and may be subject to promotional offers. Check with Naturepedic at for an update listing of commission percentages.

How do I use an affiliate link?
Once you are an approved Naturepedic affiliate, you will be assigned a unique code to use in your advertisements and web content.

What if someone doesn’t make a purchase right away after using my affiliate link?
When a referred customer comes back after initially clicking your link, this is called a return period, and Naturepedic affiliates have a 30 return days policy. If a customer comes to the Naturepedic website from your affiliate link, any purchase they make within 30 days will be commissionable to you.

What do you look for in a potential affiliate’s website?
Naturepedic is looking for aesthetically-pleasing websites that do not display offensive content. Preference is given to sites with shared values and that focus on organic or environmentally-friendly living, non-toxic consumerism, health and safety, family and baby products, etc. Naturepedic is not interested in clearance-type websites that promote Naturepedic products at discounted prices or with cash-back offers.

Can I use paid search ads with my affiliate link?
Yes, you can advertise via paid search with your affiliate link. However, you may not bid on brand terms.

Can Naturepedic affiliates bid on branded keywords or terms?
No, we do not allow Naturepedic affiliates to bid on brand terms or our display URL within search engines. For example, affiliates may not bid on “Naturepedic Store” or similar terms. Bidding on branded keywords or terms can result in the termination of an affiliate account with Naturepedic. If there are questions about which terms are appropriate and available for use on search engines, please contact

Will I make commission on gift card purchases?
No, commissions are only paid out on retail orders. Gift cards are not eligible for affiliate commission.

Does Naturepedic provide coupon codes or discount offers to be used with affiliate links?
No, Naturepedic does not offer coupons or discounts for affiliates to promote.

Where does Naturepedic ship?
Naturepedic ships to the US and Canada. Shipping is calculated on our website at the time an order is placed.